Lili Bikes Through Ladhak

July 23, 2014


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Adventures do not get any bigger, thrilling or challenging than this. Biking expeditions through the Leh-Ladhak region have, in recent years, become one of the best ways to tour through the rugged beauty of the Ladhak, a district in the state of Jammu Kashmir, that lies in the folds of the Himalayas.

Expeditions typically range from eight to 12 days and cover anything up to 1000 kms of riding among some of the highest mountain passes and some beautiful mountain landscapes. The road, though, is not always going to be like this. The thrill of the ride comes in going over some really rough and unpaved roads, which test both biker and bike. Generally the Royal Enfield Bullet is the preferred vehicle on these trips. These bikes come in 350 and 500 cc configurations and with a huge dose of history.

The Bullet first came to India in 1956. The…

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Mithila Does the Great Lakes Trek

July 23, 2014


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The Vishansar is the first of the lakes you encounter on the Great Lakes Trek that begins at Sonamarg and covers lakes that can only be accessed either by walking or by Pony. Vishansar is said to be lake of Vishnu. The lake lies at an altitude of 3710 meters and is about one km long.

As with most lakes this far up in the mountains, Vishansar too completely freezes in winter but is a riot of color during the summer time when the treks are organised. The lake is surrounded by meadows that are a lush green from the water of the glacial stream that feed it. It is a popular gazing area for the local shepherds during this time of the year. The area is also a riot of flowers that take advantage of the bountiful water and temperate climate.

Other lakes covered by the eight day trek…

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I am currently developing a social media strategy for my company. Are there any factors I should take in to consideration while devising …

July 22, 2014

Improve yourideos Infographics Advice Lists Guidance Strategy Support Enjoy!

Answer by Ivor Kellock:

Simplify your social media actions – Your One Stop Answer ;-)

Answers | Ideas | Videos | Lists | Infographics | Descriptions | Opinion                              
L O T S = your complete social media strategy

Listen – Actively
Open – Attitude Mind Heart
Transparent – Accountable communication
Supportive – Encourage with signposting & Emotional & Physical support

The first couple of infographics demonstrate the rise in use & who's being successful with social media

Then you can see some detailed strategy overviews especially mobiles – the new frontier of marketing – missed the boat in 2,000 with web based marketing – you have a brand new opportunity now ;-)

Detail about the major social media platforms

Followed by what & how to create engaging content

Useful tools to accompany your social media strategy

Email & other digital media

Followed by a series of infographics about how you actually attract people towards you – INBOUND MARKETING……….

Please share this with your friends & suggest additions & updates to keep it fresh & relevant – this is a shared resource after all……..

There is a huge amount of information in this answer!

Simply skim over what doesn't interest you

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by information overload absorb what you like today & come back for more when you are ready………!

Bookmark us for ongoing satisfaction

Please read the other answers to this question – alternative views opinions & thoughts will help to clarify your thoughts

Is this your brand?

Social media connects you 1 2 1 to your desired clients ;-)

Recognising them as individuals……….

Social Media Explained

picture credit Instagram douglaswray

How To Understand More – Quickly – help you thru all this ;-)

Social Meets Prospecting Meets Client Relationship Management Meets Your New Business Dashboard

2014 Social Media Facts & Figures

2013 Social Media Facts & Figures

Who Are You?

How Social Is B2B

The Economics Of The Networked Economy – Meshworked

The Growth In Use Of Social Media

Sochi 2014

Remember that you want to collect data that you can analyse & use to better your customer experience, your products & service.

Are your clients/customers at the centre of your organisation?

Is your customer service central in your organisation – blended with your marketing & sales?

Seamless service from beginning to end in the client life cycle has been discussed & attempted for years with varying degrees of success.

The opportunity of the reality is now here!

Are you harvesting information & data so that you can innovate, stay up to date with real time information & providing a customer experience that you would want to receive?

Are you using social media as a prospecting tool to fill your sales funnel? Attracting clients towards you – inbound marketing?

Instagram was bought by Facebook because of their excellent mobile platform & their number of subscribers – 1/3 of which were using a Facebook login – data collection, analysis & use is key to any monetary success.

How are you embracing cloud & mobile technologies? You can implement a whole strategy in the cloud in weeks now – not years…….

What Big Data Means In Reality! Size & scale – Every Minute!

The News

The Use Of 4 Screens Obama 2012 Election Case Study

Activities undertaken while watching television programmes | The findings come from a survey by Deloitte, which interviewed 2,000 UK respondents aged 16+ about their viewing habits and use of second screens

How To Create Intangible Value

How The Web Is Being Used

In Google We Trust

Successful use of social media

Analysis of UK Banks By Salesforce – even Financial Services can win!

The IMPORTANCE & Growth In Use Of Mobiles & Mobile Marketing

How Mobile Fights Poverty – Changing The World – A Case Study

Global Use Of Mobiles

Mobile Money

How Are Mobiles Used?

Mobile Search

Why Mobile Email?

How To Do Mobile Email

7 Deadly Sins Of Mobile Marketing

Why Have A Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile Coupons

The Rise In Use Of QR Codes

Mobile Phone Etiquette

The Enormous Power Of Social Networks
How To Social Media

What Type Of Content?

Best  Time To Post On Social Media

Social Media More Powerful Than Websites

The Anatomy Of A Fan/Follower

Customer Satisfaction = Customer Service

Social Client Relationship Management – Social CRM

The Customer Service Social Conflict

Social Reputation

Promoting Events

Social Selling

How Can I Improve My Social Selling Skills? comprehensive Quora answer

Download resources from here at Box .com Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces

Social Media Analytics  identify for free your competitors most shared content

Success – How You Inspire Action In Others – How great leaders inspire

Why do you do what you do?

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your mission? Modern term mantra – check here -…

What Limits Are Holding You Back?
8 Secrets of Success – watch this short video it's awesome!

Lean Start Up or Bootstrapping or Starting With Nothing

Eric Ries author of Lean Start Up Shares his process here in a video series…

  • It is critical that you are specific & clear with your vision/mission – otherwise you will soon find yourself spending much time on your social media with little or no returns! You need to know what to talk about & who to talk to – make it relevant to your product/service.
  • Are you talking benefits not features, solving day to day client problems?
  • Does your brand speak to your markets in a way that is understood & real?
  • You can't create your keyword list without being specific – keywords are what attract people towards you – this is vital
  • Have you tested your product/service in the market so that you have real feedback on strengths/weaknesses/differentiators?
  • Have you created persona's of your typical target clients so you know how to effectively target them – email me for more information on this

Patience Is A Virtue – It Brings You More Success – Proven!

Why We Make Bad Decisions!

We Choose To Be Happy………………….Yes we do………….!

  • What are your core sales messages?
  • What are your calls to action?
  • What are your key search terms? Use the Google keyword tool to research – long and short tail terms – type Google keyword tool into Google and login for maximum results
  • Have you organised your product / marketing staircase? Price & value points?
  • Only when you understand these will your strategy start to come together.
  • Who is in charge of your strategy so that there is co-ordination and congruity.
  • Who is writing copy? Who is checking copy? Does copy contain key search terms liberally – with hyper linked key search terms to other web pages on your site?
  • Are you writing copy – understanding & incorporating written/visual persuasion techniques?
  • Are you turning your copy into PDF's, presentations, ebooks, whitepapers and other distributable material? Useful for emarketing, SEO and data capture
  • Who is creating videos, collating and editing pictures – are you recording your training sessions and presentations and sharing them
  • Do you have different key search terms associated with different target markets
  • Have you created backlinks from big websites like Amazon, Youtube, Linkedin, eHow and Free listing sites?
  • What are your target markets? Define them! What do your customers look like? Who are your clients? Where will you find them? What language do you use for each segment? How do they fit in with your vision/mission
  • Search out forums, groups on all platforms, Facebook pages, blogs, tweeters in your target markets
  • Are you targeting web traffic from social media sites to your website? You need it to get a decent search engine ranking!

Writing Your Personal Social Networking Profile – Quick Tips

  • Have a good quality profile picture – we are hard wired to recognise faces so have a picture & make it a good one!
  • Connect with other profiles
  • Be honest
  • Share valuable useful information
  • Write an eye-catching professional headline with keywords
  • Write a great summary that shares your humanity & the value you provide
  • Be mindful of what you are sharing & the audience you are talking to

Getting Your Name Onto Page 1 Of Google


  • Is it optimised for mobile browsing?
  • Are you putting your keywords in your url, as headings, in the body of your text and hyperlinking them?
  • Do you have social sharing buttons on every page -
  • Facebook Like, LinkedIn Like, Tweet this, G+, Tweet Meme, Digg, Stumbleupon
  • Do you have the right tags and meta tags on your website pages
  • Are pictures and videos tagged correctly? Are you creatively mixing them in your text to make exciting engaging content?
  • Do you have email capture?
  • Are you offering Freebie give aways to attract people towards you and begin your relationship with them
  • Have you found your writing style and tone of voice that suits you whilst being attractive?
  • Easily found RSS feed subscription
  • Do you have prominent links to your social media profiles? ie not buried below the fold at the bottom of the page!
  • Do you have the right redirects set up for current web pages & old pages?

Dominant Website Content Management System – CMS – & Blogging Platform – WordPress

Mobile Applications

  • Are you using mobile apps to further attract clients towards you?
  • Integrating them with your online presence?
  • Mobile is now the fastest growing market of communications
  • We are now multi tasking everywhere with multiple devices
  • Not staying in touch with clients is the single biggest reason clients migrate
  • Offering new & different value can be easy with a mobile app – who doesn't check their messages on a mobile device?
  • Are you missing out?


  • Are you promoting yourself as an expert in your field?
  • Are you blogging regularly? Keyword rich? Keywords in titles? Great for SEO!
  • Are you feeding your blog posts into LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook?
  • Are your blog posts stuffed full of your key search terms – especially long tail terms
  • Is your blog attached to your website?
  • Are you posting articles that relate to big news stories to capture web traffic?

Blog Title Generators

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
Portent's Title Maker
Title Tool


  • Create groups with Google, Yahoo, Windows Live & on the relevant social media platforms
  • Communities within Google Plus are very powerful as are groups in Facebook & LinkedIn
  • We all have different internet habits which is why it is important to use all the above resources and not just one!
  • Promote them and encourage membership so you have focussed followers in known places
  • If you are an employer ensure you have a clear policy with regard to LinkedIn. Cases have already ended up in court where disputes have arisen over ownership of the account & contacts. This will become a growing problem so protect yourself early!
  • If you are an employee ensure you don't fall foul of your employers policy.If I were an employee I would ensure I use a personal email address not associated with the employer.
  • Do you have a coordinated approach on LinkedIn ie do staff say what is congruous with your brand?
  • Are all your relevant staff showing on LinkedIn?
  • Have you set up a company profile on LinkedIn?
  • Have you put your company products & services on LinkedIn
  • Have you added your news feed into your company profile on LinkedIn
  • Have you created open groups optimised with key search terms to act as a honeypot
  • Use to ask for assistance & answer questions to raise your expert status profile
  • Is your profile full & rich with content?
  • Have you put all your previous & current employments on there? Quickest way to connect with old colleagues that can quickly do business with you?
  • Are you sharing files using – a great way to share useful info
  • Have you put video on your profile using Google docs &/or
  • Have you asked for recommendations?
  • What is your strategy regarding open/closed networking – ensure you choose your style otherwise you'll remain full of indecision……..!
  • Join groups useful in educating you about your industry & where your prospects hang out
  • Share in groups to raise your expert profile
  • Which email address to use?
  • Have you set up at least 2 accounts – one with your brand, one with a key search term in your name and handle?
  • Have you grabbed all the similar Twitter names so that you protect yourself from competitors
  • Do you have a twitter feed on your website homepage and/or specific website pages? Great/imperative for SEO
  • Are you tweeting with your keywords in?
  • Are you following influential people in your target markets?
  • Are you using # hashtags? Does your brand have a # hashtag?
  • Are you using Tweetadder or Twiends to build your following?
  • Are you using Twittercounter to watch/monitor your following grow?
  • Are you tweeting rich content? Videos, pictures web pages?
  • How to use Twitter lists –

New Twitter Profile

Twitter Tools

  • Do you have at least 2 fan pages – one that is named with your brand – at least one more that has a key search term as a vanity url ie
  • Have you designed your fan page to attract visitors and capture data?
  • Is your website mentioned on your fan pages?
  • Have you created a Facebook Places page for people finding you locally with GPS
  • Have you added offers onto your Facebook Places page
  •… - Facebook now looks like Pinterest!
  • on Facebook

  • If a picture paints a 1,000 words a video paints a 1,000,000!
  • Use short videos to promote ideas, messages, empowerment, training, useful info
  • Host on YouTube as it is great for SEO and will drive traffic to your site.
  • Ensure each video is tagged with the right key search terms
  • Embed these videos in your website, blog and other places on the web.
  • Grab the RSS feed from your channel to share around your wider network
  • Integrate your channel with Facebook, Twitter etc
  • YouTube videos

Video & Live Streaming

Sound & Live Sound Streaming

Google Profile & Google+

  • Create a Google + profile – use to book mark websites
  • Save your social media profiles there
  • Bookmark other peoples social media profiles there too
  • Google will link these together in searches
  • Without a completed Google Profile you won't be accepted into Google+
  • Create Google+ company page & post
  • Post from Google + posts get indexed into Google
  • Use Hootsuite to post from your company page automatically
  • http://www.plusclout.commeasures Google Plus influence

Google Places – Google Local – G+

  • Have you grabbed your Places listing?
  • Have you created effective content, added Youtube videos and pictures
  • Optimised your Places listing? Google look at the homepage on your website so ensure you have optimised key search terms there to maximise your showing in local search
  • analyse the analytics

Pictures rule the internet – particularly social networks!


  • One of the hottest new social media sites
  • Glossy Magazine style with pictures & videos only
  • Refers much web traffic!
  • Be there or be square!

Power Of Images

Triberr – connects like minded bloggers who are interested in reading and supporting each other. This core community, or Tribe, is the secret to a successful blog

Google News

  • Use news as a feed for stimulating up to the minute web content, blog posts & tweets – being current & relevant gets you noticed, helps with SEO & grabs you web traffic & followers
  • Create your own personalised news feed that you can then share using RSS

Google Images

Most Popular Images On The Web

oublio: popular stuff sourced from Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit Flickr & more

Your Audience?

Story Telling

  • Since the beginning of history we communicate with stories
  • Is your web content telling stories?
  • Taking people on a journey that works with your brand and products?
  • Ensuring your stories are aimed at specific types of people like CEOs, small business owners, mums aged 23 to 26………niched in other words!
  • Patterns of 3 are incredibly powerful – Every play has 3 acts – Aristotle
  • Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness – U.S. Declaration of Independence
  • Father, Son & Holy Spirit
    Heaven, hell & purgatory
    3 Wise Men with their gold, frankincense & myrrh
  • Mind Body Soul
  • Reading Writing Arithmetic
  • The 3 Stooges
  • 3 Little Pigs
  • 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Goldilocks & the 3 Bears
  • 3 Blind Mice
  • Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman
  • Government of the people, by the people, for the people – Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
  • Location, location, location – once the 3 most important factors for a business
  • Lies, damn lies, and statistics – attributed to Benjamin Disraeli
  • Veni, vidi, vici -  attributed to Julius Caesar
  • 3 Rs of story telling -  Reason to encourage someone to read, watch, listen, challenge – dilemma – problem – Reveal narrating the struggle – paint a picture – touch taste see hear – senses – persuade others, story telling as part of your leadership role – Resolution eye opening – payoff – the sell – take them on a journey – personal journey or make the customer the hero
  • Are you considering different paths in your prospects journey with you? Allowing prospects to go off at tangents to answer questions that pop up in their mind as they read your narrative? ie hyperlink words on pages to other pages on your site?
  • Are you including calls to action frequently enough?

Authentic Experiences – Critical For Success

Content Creation

Creating Smart Content

Creating Compelling Content

Going Viral


  • Make sure that you have people monitoring what is happening on your different channels so that responses can be given timely
  • Engagement is what it is all about! You can now have a 2 way conversation with your market!

What Does Colour Mean?

Fantastic Tools

A Suggestion Of Which Tools To Use

How Google Works – a little out of date now but still well worth a look!

Useful Websites

Open Site Explorer for checking the SEOmoz rank of websites

Search Engine Optimisation

How to get your web pages listed as high as they can in searches people do for keywords & phrases

Pay Per Click Advertising

Email Marketing – Productive Conversations

Landing Pages
The page your online marketing drives people to first

Using Your Photos

  • Share pictures on Flickr and Picassa then embed in your website – great backlinks for SEO
  • -

     Send Postagram postcards from iPhone/Android

Monitoring Your Conversations

Integrated Learning

Historical View Of Websites through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

Mobile Data Backup

Alcohol Use – A Gentle Reminder ;-)




Crowd Funding For Capital Investment

Further Thoughts

  • Know – Like – Trust - this is a basic human process – don't try to sell too soon – until your relationship is established
  • Wallets only open once trust is established!
  • Digital friendship is different to offline friendship – don't confuse the two
  • Continually share added value
  • Empower people, help people, share with people
  • Be authentic and congruous with who you re and who and what your brand stands for
  • Always be in the moment
  • A Digital Mindset is about being an associative thinker not a linear thinker
  • Be emotional – share reality
  • Always be positive – ranting and negativity can easily be seen/heard as a nasty person – it will damage you quickly
  • Creating regularly updated content is a requirement! Who will be doing this?
  • Buddy up with one or two people and learn/share together – it will seem less daunting and easier/quicker to learn what you don't know
  • 180+ sources of news – individuals, companies, tools, apps, platforms and so on. It also includes sites that publish lots of news and reviews like Mashable, The Next Web and so on
  • For further tools & tricks go here -…

If you would like my further thoughts/guidance on any aspect of this please don't hesitate to contact me +447782193093 or Skype ivorkellock  

St Albans Internet & Social Media Marketing
St Albans Internet & Social Media Marketing
St Albans Internet & Social Media Marketing!/ivorkel… who recommends Ivor who trusts Ivor? Ivor in Google Search


Ivor Kellock – scroll down for your complete inbound marketing process

PS Always be safe online

Your Inbound Marketing Process

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Naiya Heads to Kumbalgarh

July 17, 2014

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It is not the great wall of China and it is not visible from the moon. Though it is the next best thing. The wall fortifying the Kumbalgarh Fort in Rajasthan has the distinction of being the second largest wall in the world. It is also 15 feet to 25 feet thick and could accommodate eight horses in parallel on its ramparts.

That wall is one of the reasons that Kumbalgarh is one of the few forts that has never been conquered. The fort itself is perched on a hill 1100 meters above sea level. The height, the inhospitable terrain and that thick wall combined to repeal multiple attacks over the fort’s long history. The fort was built by Rana Kumbh, after whom it is named, in the early 15th century.

The Rana, owner/builder of 82 other forts across his Kingdom, had some expertise in the design and construction of…

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Anam Takes in the Natural Beauty of Panchmari

July 17, 2014


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Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


Panchmari, is a sleepy hill station in Madhya Pradesh, discovered by the British in 1857. The town gets busy in the summer and monsoon months as tourists flock here first to escape the heat of the plains and to reveal in the natural beauty of this place situated about 3500 meters above seal level.

The name Panchmarhi, which translates to five caves, is derived from five ancient caves carved into limestone rocks. Legend has it that these caves were carved out by the Pandava brothers during their years of exile in the forest. But there is no way to verify if this was indeed the case. The caves themselves offer spectacular views of the town the Satpura mountain range and the valley below.

The other great attraction of the place, especially during the rains is the number of streams, rivulets and ponds that flow through the region. Many of them…

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Tati Finds Tranquility in McLeod Ganj

July 13, 2014


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Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


Mcleoad Ganj, and Dharamshala, is Dalai Lama territory. This little nook in the Himalays has become a home away from conquered home for the 14th Dalai Lama, his followers and Tibetan refugees who fled the Chinese conquest of their Himalayan Kingdom.

The Dalai Lama came here in 1959 and transformed this tiny, sleepy and salubrious hill station…whose only claim to fame till then was that it served as a summer getaway for the Britishers during their rule of India…into a vibrant and buzzing home for Tibetans without a country. Along with the Dalai Lama has come international attention to this part of Himachal Pradesh. Politicians, celebrities and world renowned personalities make this town a stop over on their international travels.

The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile have created a mini-Tibet here in an effort to preserve the culture and traditions of their home. The Dalai Lama’s brand…

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Ravi Becomes an Early Bird at Nal Sarovar

July 13, 2014


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Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


It’s the monsoons so water is pretty much the theme across India. Waterfalls, gurgling rivulets, gushing rivers, swollen lakes and yes the birds to go with them. We’re back again today with another great capture from the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat.

It is around this time that migratory birds start arriving here and with the birds come the tourists! The lake covers an area of 115 sq km, making it the largest water bird sanctuary in the country. In peak season, October to February, it hosts about 250 species of birds of which around 150 species are resident water fowls.

Pelicans, Flamingoes, Storks, Ducks, Herons, Bitterns, Grebes, Kingfishers, Darters, Cormorants, Jacanas, Moore Hens and Coots are some of the popular sightings here. Being little over an hour’s drive from Ahmadabad and with nothing much else touristy around, this is best visited as a day trip.  But those wishing…

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Empire Avenue, a Social Experiment

July 11, 2014


all about #empireavenue ;-)

Originally posted on mermaidcamp:

The activity on Empire Avenue resembles the stock market, but Wall Street does not have recreational investment games on the weekends. I like the Avenue because it allows me to meet and find new people writing all kinds of great content. The games are intended to socially introduce the members to each other in a non competitive way. Embedded treasure hunts are followed at your own pace. Reward bucks and accomplishment badges are the prizes given for participation, but the true reward is the exposure to the other players.  One way I learn about the other players is by completing missions, for which I am paid in Empire bucks.   This straightforward approach is better, in my opinion, than all the quid pro quo schemes I have seen in LinkedIn (like my page and I will like yours).  As any investor wants his stock to increase in value, so on…

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Asya Visits Chittorgarh Fort

July 10, 2014


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Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


If there has to be one place that represents the valor, courage and indomitable spirit of the Rajputs of Rajasthan it would have to be Chittorgarh. Situated 90 kms from Udaipur the fort of Chittorgarh has as many incredible stories as it does stones. And there are plenty of those, as this is India’s largest fort complex by a distance.

The fort covers an area of 700 acres and its perimeter wall runs for 4.5 kms. Within the complex are a number of palaces, temples, residences and gardens. What you see in the image is the main tank used to store water for use within the fort.

Bhim, the strongman of the mythological Pandava princes, is credited with building the first fortification here. The current fort traces its ancestry to the 7th century. The fort came into prominence in 1303 with the tale of Rani Padmini, the wife of the…

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Pradeep Visits Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

July 10, 2014


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Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


Humayun’s tomb in New Delhi is less celebrated than the Taj Mahal in Agra, but the story behind its construction is no less dramatic. The tomb, built to house the second Mughal Emperor Humayun, was only possible due to the dedication of his wife Bega Begum. It is said the Begum was so grieved at the death of her her husband that she swore to build him the finest mausoleum in the Empire.

Construction began nine years after Humayun’s death in 1556 and the edifice was completed in 1571. The Begum personally supervised every aspect of the construction and even picked the architect herself. The best craftsmen from the far flung Mughal empire were moved to Delhi and a special building constructed for them within the complex so they could live and work there.

This is the first garden tomb in the Indian subcontinent and is the first to use…

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