August 24, 2014


The Empire Avenue Share-A-thon Winners 2014 #EAv-Blogathon

August 19, 2014

The Empire Avenue Share-A-thon Winners 2014 #EAv-Blogathon.

Peoples Choice Winners .. Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

August 18, 2014

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

This was followed by a weekend of voting during which all members could vote for their favorite blog post .

We are now releasing the results of the Peoples Choice Votes

Congratulations to Paul , Harold and Charles – the people have chosen your posts as their favorites by both voting for and promoting them on Twitter , Facebook and Google + . You  each win 5 million eaves.

Prizes will be awarded by Empire Avenue next week.

Paul Steinbrueck (e)/PDSTEIN 


5 Reasons to Take a Drive Down Empire Avenue

‘This week Empire Avenue has been doing a blog-a-thon.  It’s a great idea to rally EAvers to blog about Empire Avenue and get some bring some additional visitors and publicity to their blogs…

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Category Winners (1 of 2) – Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

August 18, 2014

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

We are grateful to Brian Hawkins (e)HOTBLOGTIPS who has judged the competition

We are now releasing the first set of category Winners

Congratulations to Francois , Michael , MaryHelen , Angelika ,Robert, Michael , Caroline , Leo and Shahidul

Why Play Empire Avenue  Why Join Empire Avenue Leaders

francois vallet (e)DOUCEFRANCE


Michael Smith (e )MNP2192

Best 100 Dollar Investment Ever!

Power of Community/Connections

Winner MaryHelen Ferris (e)GR8LISTENER

Empire Avenue – my healers and teachers – gather here

Runners Up

Angelika Davey  (e)ANGELIKA

Famous last words: You won’t find me on Empire Avenue!

Robert Zarywacz (e)ROBERTZ

How Empire Avenue opened up Google+ for me #EmpireAve

Empire Avenue Works For Business, Non-Profits & Educators

A four…

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Empire Avenue Share-A-Thon Winners

August 18, 2014

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

Writing a blog post is the first step , the next step is attracting people to read it which means getting the word out.

This is the true strength of Empire Avenue , members will actively promote each others blog posts extensively.

So after our Blogathon competition this is what happened next .

Everyone got involved , our special thanks go to the people mentioned below


All the enthusiasm and support for the Share-a-thon made it very very hard to select the SuperSharers!

Judging was based upon scope of sharing – the more networks, the better – and the impact of shares.

Each winner will receive 5 million eaves, to be awarded next week.

Pieter Collier                           (e)BEREN
Keith Gill                                   

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Category Winners (2 of 2) – Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

August 18, 2014

Category Winners (2 of 2) – Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon.

Empire Avenue Share-a-thon – Pinterest Category Winners

August 17, 2014

Originally posted on Empire Avenue:

SQRLThese super sharers responded to Sir Rudiger’s call to go the extra mile and create a PINTEREST board for all the blog-a-thon entries. They have each already received a 15 million eave mission for their boards and will also be invited to join the Winner’s Circle community for a bonus 1 million eaves. Join us in congratulating and thanking them all.

Stewart Marshall (e)STEWARTMAR

#EmpireAvenue Blog-A-Thon



#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon


Charles Carboneau (e)CASHCONNECT

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon


Robert Riley (e)TRUTHTRANCE

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon


Wow Sir Rudiger is as happy as a squirrel with a tree full of nuts. Keep an eye out for other category winner announcements over the next day or so.

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Natalie Savors the Beauty of Matheran

July 28, 2014


brilliant post tx ;-)

Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


At a little over 800 meters, Matheran is not really in the running for the highest hill stations in Maharashtra, leave alone the rest of India. However, this tiny little town about 90 kms from Mumbai holds a very special place in the hearts of anyone who has visited there.

For this is the only hill station in Asia that does not allow any motorized transport, barring the ambulance run by the local municipality, on its streets. This is how nature intended a hill station to be. To get here you either take the toy train from Neral, a 11 kilometer journey through some verdant forests. Or you drive up to Dasturi point and then take a horse or trek up the approximately 2.5 kilometers to the town center.

As befitting a town of this nature the road is not tarred so it is pretty much like a jungle trek…

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Lili Bikes Through Ladhak

July 23, 2014


awesome share tx ;-)

Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


Adventures do not get any bigger, thrilling or challenging than this. Biking expeditions through the Leh-Ladhak region have, in recent years, become one of the best ways to tour through the rugged beauty of the Ladhak, a district in the state of Jammu Kashmir, that lies in the folds of the Himalayas.

Expeditions typically range from eight to 12 days and cover anything up to 1000 kms of riding among some of the highest mountain passes and some beautiful mountain landscapes. The road, though, is not always going to be like this. The thrill of the ride comes in going over some really rough and unpaved roads, which test both biker and bike. Generally the Royal Enfield Bullet is the preferred vehicle on these trips. These bikes come in 350 and 500 cc configurations and with a huge dose of history.

The Bullet first came to India in 1956. The…

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Mithila Does the Great Lakes Trek

July 23, 2014


tx great share ;-)

Originally posted on Smart Shots from Smart Phones:


The Vishansar is the first of the lakes you encounter on the Great Lakes Trek that begins at Sonamarg and covers lakes that can only be accessed either by walking or by Pony. Vishansar is said to be lake of Vishnu. The lake lies at an altitude of 3710 meters and is about one km long.

As with most lakes this far up in the mountains, Vishansar too completely freezes in winter but is a riot of color during the summer time when the treks are organised. The lake is surrounded by meadows that are a lush green from the water of the glacial stream that feed it. It is a popular gazing area for the local shepherds during this time of the year. The area is also a riot of flowers that take advantage of the bountiful water and temperate climate.

Other lakes covered by the eight day trek…

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