Getting Onto Page One Of Google Personal Branding How To Sell More

Getting onto page one of Google with content you control is a great start in the game of know like & trust.


Because anyone considering doing business with you wants to know more about you & the simplest easiest way to start knowing more is use a search engine. How many times have you Googled someone?

Now if you have an unusual name it is quite simple as the competition is small!

If however you have a well known name you have to start getting clever to get you onto page one

The infographic below gives you the best websites to use to help you in this process – it is a phenomenal resource!

How to sell more means having more relationships with more people.

How to sell more means being trusted by more people

How to sell more them means getting onto page one of the search engines so that you make it easy for people to find out who you are & what you are all about – your clients want to know more than just what your product does – they want to know who you are & the difference it will make to buy from you over a competitor……..

Please ask me questions! Ivor

via Sales Drive

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