What Happens On The Internet – How to Sell More Digitally

So exactly what does happen every minute on the Internet?

As you can see it’s busy out there! Well you knew that anyway!

2,000,000 search queries in Google every minute! Assuming a global population of 7,000,000,000 that’s 41% of the planet making at least one search every day!

Considering it is estimated that only 35% of the planet have access to the internet we’re all using Google & the other search engines a lot!

1,000,000 new mobile users every 3 days………. do you have a mobile friendly website to help you sell more? Are you using mobile advertising to sell more?

50,000,000 likes on Facebook every day – do you have a Facebook page for your business to help you sell more?

$400,000,000 spent on shopping every day – do you have a shopping cart & digitized your products to sell online to help you sell more?

> 800,000 new websites published every day – is your website optimised to ensure you get found properly as the web gets more crowded – helping you sell more.

294 billion emails every day are sent! Are you using email effectively? Is email old technology? What is your email strategy?

Digital clearly is a double edged sword! great if you are being followed & listened too – you’re simply noise if not!

So have you considered your online presence, strategy, target clients & what they want to listen to, read & get involved in?

If you are struggling with this then we are here to help you!

Come & ask us & we’ll gladly guide you in the right direction – Ivor



via Sales Drive http://www.salesdrive.com.au/what-happens-on-the-internet-how-to-sell-more-digitally/

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