Has Knowledge become the end game in itself?

One significant area of opportunity for large organizations!

Is to work with smaller companies who have the, the ease & simplicity of everyone being able to create their own media; photos, video, blog posts, manipulating images into funny or dramatic stories, sharing information that would have once been considered private or secret challenges newspapers, politics & our entire social structure.

What does remain the same as humans is our innate desire to want to share, sharing stories, laughs, & emotion.

The status quo has been maintained with systems of power, dominance, & misinformation revolving around money & control allowing economies & people to lurch from boom to bust with the majority questioning efficacy yet being ignored & told they are wrong.

At every level of society, irrespective of type of organization, social status, political ideology, exerting control has been the default position, closing ranks around information & the truth being selective in what is shared keeping up appearances.

As individuals we all intuitively know that this isn’t working yet we haven’t got enough of the right information at our finger tips to be able to give a convincing enough story for our family, friends, colleagues & associates to get together & collectively say hang on – why is this happening & where’s the benefits to us all?

Examples of sharing knowledge, working with diverse ideas, cultures, & people for positive mutual outcomes can be seen in large business today. Innovation that requires collaboration, openness & supportive environments that share information working toward outcomes where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, Phillips, Glaxo Smith Klyne, Carrefour, Tescos, Google, TED, Tata.

There are of course many traps associated with this new collaborative way of thinking & doing least of which is the economics of ensuring that wealth is added – wealth still being partly defined as profit as we haven’t yet challenged & overcome the simple yet fundamental method of universal exchange – money.

Wealth of course has many, many meanings beyond money, personal fulfillment & development, wellness, happiness, individual & shared success, support, & health. Bhutan, that isolated country in central Asia in the eastern Himalaya Mountains, with their measure of ‘gross national happiness’ still being flawed as a measure is leading the way in new ways of doing great stuff based on happiness, positive psychology and well being.

Perhaps it is time for us to take some notice of ways that make a very positive difference.

Emotion is creeping into more methodologies & ways of measuring positive outcomes & as technology develops – our fundamental method of communication – digital & the internet will allow for more expressive natural real ways of sharing how we feel without the need to be a novelist writing who first has to swallow a complete dictionary.

The challenge to look forward toward is simple…..

The world has moved on positively in the last 50 years, poverty & hardship are still prevalent for a billion people at least on our planet yet many countries, economies, people & the world are better off now than they ever were.

Technology has developed faster than our collective intellect has appreciated for the previous 50 years.

We have now been rapidly gathering information for some 400+ years in no small measure because of the development of the printing press allowing for the mass sharing of information.

We are still only now beginning to appreciate what real value there is in our collective knowledge bank with companies, cultures, political & monetary systems still applying & living by ancient methodologies.

The discovery of knowledge of course should never stop – learning that there are vast ecosystems in our oceans that make our land based ecosystems look miniscule is a wonder & provides many with inspiration, fascination, & joy.

The application of the thirst to know more, knowledge, technology, & therefore adding to our collective wisdom is the greatest of joys.

This is the point – we have collected much knowledge yet applied very little.

Knowledge has become the end game in itself.


Phil Polson and Ivor Kellock

Sales Drive


via Sales Drive http://www.salesdrive.com.au/has-knowledge-become-the-end-game-in-itself/

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