What Happened With Google Quarter 3 2012 Earnings

What has happened to Google & earnings – what is happening with online advertising?

If your news channels are anything like the UK’s then you would think the world was coming to an end after the Google Q3 results were announced on Thursday!

Their stock plunged 20% after bad news was leaked in the USA before US markets closed……..

Is the company really in this much trouble? NO!

Take a look at the infographic below to understand more

Yes revenues are down as more mobile searches are done & their ad platform & click thrus haven’t caught up with this

As the owner of the Android mobile operating system they have this base well & truly covered!

Their purchase of Motorola caused a dent in profits as they actually spent money!

As of writing now – Saturday pm in the UK after the 20% fall on Thursday their stock has recovered 7% – down only 13%.

It seems that market speculation – the profit maker for market makers got hold of something they could scare & run with & cause volatility that creates buy & sell calls.

It won’t be long before the Google stock price is back – I’m not regulated for giving stock & financial advice so don’t make a purchase of stock or sell on this post – it is nonetheless my prediction…….

At a time when the economic outlook for the West is bleak – purely considering averages speculation that can only damage our economies is as potent & virulent as ever!


via Sales Drive http://www.salesdrive.com.au/what-happened-with-google-quarter-3-2012-earnings/

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