Beware the “Big-Dealitis” trap, learn to take baby steps first.

Beware of “Big- Dealitis”, learn to take baby steps first.

There Are 5 Different

Levels Of Selling!…


….…So there are 5 different levels of sales skills matching each level

Which level is the Gold at?

In selling it is often very tempting to focus just on the big deals, the big commissions.

Best to learn to take baby steps first.

Then steadily work your way up the 5 levels:

1) There is the salesperson whose company always has the lowest price and they sell purely on that benefit.

2) Then there are the salespeople who only need to focus on the product such as a regular corner store. Really they are order takers.

3) Then, there is the solution sale where the salesperson has to be able to provide a solution to the client’s concerns.

Being able to describe the features and benefits that the customer can expect is the first requirement.

4) Then there are the higher levels that require a lot longer to complete.

At this level, the sale is:

Truly customer focused, and the sale becomes all about building long-term relationships.

This level requires constant research, and even higher capacity, street smarter salespeople are necessary.

5) Then there is the level where the salesperson literally owns the solution with the client. This is the level that the bucket of Gold continually tempts!

This is the most productive and profitable level but also the most risky.

So risk alertness is a must.

Profit should also be pursued responsibility, so ethics and a high level of trust apply because too often at this level the salesperson will make any claim that they think sounds like what the potential buyer wants to hear –just to seal the deal.

They then hastily close the deal, get paid and sneak off into the night leaving the others to sort out the mess.

Or sometimes the seller refuses or forgets to pay the salesperson.

This is sometimes the case in spotter fees with commercial real estate sales office owner, frequently the realtor will argue that they already knew about the property, or they had a separate deal with the developer, and had paid commission to others – then it can quickly become very messy.

Lawyers send their kids the finest schools from their fees sorting these out.

Usually the salesperson, at this level works with the client and shares the risk on results with them.

At this level you, the salesperson, need to make sure that it works for everyone; otherwise, you both take an unpopular bath.

Obviously, experience and the field of endeavour have a lot to do with this.

Whether you sell a single low value item or multiple items, focus on a narrow range of products or sell complex solutions that take time & a team to discover, ascertain, price, present & close – in these sales it is critical that you remain client focused.

Any sale, from a simple low value one off item right up to the biggest you can imagine is all about building relationships. The value of the sale as a rule of thumb defines the depth of relationship required & the likely time it can take to build said relationship to closing the deal.

In other words smarter sales people are necessary.

Their true value & skill set rarely recognized & appreciated.

To sell at the very top level requires constant research and an even higher capacity to work with people of all types. Appreciate the intricacies of the sales process, keep an exact detailed paper trail & maintain a positive mental attitude.

Please don’t be put off by this statement – sales in its essence is a simple process to learn and reproduce.

The difficulties & complexities come when you have to deal with the people around the fringes of the deal- the micro managers!

Sales Drives Sales Champions Operation Guide- COG – our straightforward, no-brainer commonsense street smart guide to selling provides you with an easy process to follow.

We share with you the street smarts required.

The sales person owns the solution with the client.

They have defined the solution together, worked out how to save money, how to make money, add in efficiencies, possibly even create new markets – value is being added in many ways.

By you owning the solution with the client they have the desire to want to buy from you. Your skill is building enough desire in the client to WANT to buy from you.

This is the most productive and profitable type of sale but also the most risky.

Risky in that you can spend much time with the prospective client & run the very real risk of ending up selling nothing.

Big-Dealitis can be like a steel trap –hard to get out of, so keep working on the little deals while the big one are progressing.

At Sales Drive our commitment is to help you stay enthusiastic, to revitalize, hone & refresh your selling skills.

If you’re new to selling then to get past the initial learning stage, past your first few clients, past the survival stage & into the generating of serious lasting income, we have a system that has passed the test of time & works in today’s environment; in fact it works in every environment.

We will show you how to:

• Create hot leads, who want to talk to you & will greet you with a cup of coffee and not a slammed door.

• Seal the deal time & time again with our sales systems methodology & framework.

• Help you overcome indifference & the fear of change.

You will be in a position to forget chaos for ever; chaos is a bus that you can never run fast enough to catch.

Which level is the Gold at?

There is Gold at every level, the BUCKET of Gold is at level 5.

Just learn to take baby steps first.

Now go on, get out there and ask someone to buy!



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