Do internet gurus & self proclaimed experts take too much poetic license?..

In their high-flying, miraculous instant sales improvement promises?

I recently posed this question in a LinkedIn poll and it is clear that most who responded are sick of it.

There are no magic bullets, there are no businesses in a box, there are no magic shortcuts; most of the fully automated systems instant fix promises, you know them – the nothing to do, just sit back and grab the cash, spend your life on the beach – on offer fall into the too good to be true basket & you are burning money if you’re chasing them.

Besides how long do you think you could last just sitting at the beach- my bet is you would soon be thinking how boring this is!

Sweating in the sun, sand in your togs, a few months tops.

At the outset of this wonderful internet journey and hoping for instant sales improvement I purchased one of these supposed instant solutions from a self touting highly recognized guru about Google Keywords his promises where too good to let go.

Turned out that it was so out of date (with the graphics bearing no resemblance to the keyword tool I saw on my screen) that I quickly concluded that had I simply dropped my $50 note in the rubbish bin, I would have saved time & achieved the same zero result.

They are often nothing but over hyped “yesterdays” B…S… artists, who claim that you don’t have to do any work, that’s it all done for you – Yeah right!

What worked back in the wild west days of 2006 internet selling may well not work now in this now highly competitive internet sales world.

You know the real value of something for nothing.

Is exactly that – NOTHING.

Value received can only come from value given.

My name is Phil Polson:

And, I’m not, some Johnny come lately, instant self-proclaimed sales guru.

Far from it.

Nor am I a new kid on the block (as I once promoted my late friend Jim Rohn as being), I haven’t just sat down & spent a few hours writing a book report & turned it into a product to sell to you.

Nor am I an affiliate of someone else just selling you cheap & regurgitated product, copied and re copied from others.

Nor am I some burnt-out curmudgeon peddling yesterdays out dated ideas and dinosaur technology.

I’ve got a solid 35-year track record of helping make people just like you successful millionaires & multimillionaires…& I have turned everyday people into high earning sales stars who regularly top 6-figure & 7-figure incomes using the same system & strategies that I will equip you with.

So I have served a real apprenticeship through tough times and good in small business & selling.

This allows you to benefit from experiences, bitter & sweet ones, without having to risk much of your own hard earned cash.

You can see that I live & sell daily in the REAL world.

Where it is getting tougher & tougher to survive let alone prosper.

And where results are the ONLY THING…& money can’t be wasted on “theory”.

I sell in partnership with my private clients, so….

… I HAVE to be right. or, my clients starve & I get a DCT (Don’t come tomorrow).

I will put my system for selling up against any one else’s in the world.

With my partners in Social Media & networking we are as up to date & as current as you can imagine…watching the trends & being at the front of the wave is our expertise.

Sharing this with you we know will put you well ahead of the crowd.

Nor am I an academic or theorist who spent a full time career in a classroom or on stage as a professional speaker relying on someone else to promote me & then simply sell books & tapes & boot camps.

As a bit of background for you…..

I do know & have worked & shared the stage with many of the world’s most famous speakers, because I was an early mover in the seminar business starting part time in 1977.

In professional selling nothing beats experience with continual professional development for sales improvement.

The idea came to us to start conducting seminars as a way to attract leads for the management consulting business that we started on a shoe-string.

I know how to establish, survive, prosper & run LEAN boot strapped operations too.

We had speakers like American Sales Masters founder Hal Krause, Earle Nightingale, Zig Ziglar & Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Roger Dawson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn & the incomparable Louise Hay to name a few.

“Phil Polson is one of the worlds great marketers.”

Roger Dawson

The World’s Premier Business Negotiating Trainer

So I can say “hand on heart” that I have taught many of the very top speakers in the world how to sell their products in seminars & off the stage & many speakers since have copied this still popular formula & continue to do so.

“Phil organized, promoted & produced large seminars (1-5000 people) that I & others gave throughout Australia & NZ. He was great to work with & very professional & actually provided me with insights that helped me tremendously.”

Bob Kriegel Ph.D., Change Leader

President, Kriegel 2 Inc


Plus, I have personally sold many hundreds of millions of dollars of high value items; these days mainly closing sales for established successful businesses that use seminars to explain complex systems for Wealth Creation…

………try telling those businesses to give up all of their proven methods, cold calling, telemarketing & scripts & face-to-face selling skills – like some self proclaimed internet gurus are doing …they will laugh you out of the place because…. at least half of their average total monthly sales of $25,000,000+ turnover come from these methods.

Try telling them that people just go out & buy stuff they need & want & you don’t have to advise & sell them……Baloney!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are selling to asset rich high net worth discerning decision makers who like to be 100% sold before they will buy anything.

Sold here means that they are given all the facts before they decide to buy.

Being able to speak to a person in a sales role gives them comfort that they get real answers, about their real concerns from real people about real opportunities.

They are 100% satisfied & comfortable before they buy.

This is how you like to buy isn’t it?

These successful businesses are no different to you.

Their clients are not in the group who only need to be 51% convinced to rush in & buy & regret it later, ending up disgruntled with an axe to grind having been sold a poor deal.

With the advent of social media these axes are ground!

Nor does it mean that all of the ways to make money with Twitter will actually make you money.

On the contrary: most “how to make money with Twitter” methods make money only for the people selling the method, not for the people buying and using the method.

I hope I have conveyed to you how much it really annoys me to realize that you are having exaggerated, outdated, obsolete, tired, surpassed, sales tricks “palmed off” onto you when all you need help with is a REAL modern systematized selling approach with support.

Anywhere you go the Sales Drive system for selling is always in your head ready and waiting to ensure that you can seal the deal!

The eight steps in the sales process are simple.

So simple that once learned and mastered you will never forget them. Start Now on your sales improvement goal!

The conclusion:

Internet gurus and self proclaimed experts do take far too much poetic license?..

…. in their high-flying, miraculous instant sales improvement promises!

There are no magic bullets, there are no businesses in a box, there are no magic shortcuts; most of the fully automated systems instant fix promises, you know them – the nothing to do sit back and grab the cash promises.




via Sales Drive

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