Why LinkedIn? To Maximize Your Social Sales profit potential.

Why LinkedIn for Social Sales?

LinkedIn is the best available platform to reach business decision makers.

That is why LinkedIn is now a major internet business referrer today.

Why LinkedIn is the current de facto website for corporates.

In short to sell thousands we need to reach millions as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Why LinkedIn?  – Be seen as a leader not a follower.

CEO’s of large corporates are now shifting their attitudes about social media from skepticism to adoption.

No doubt you are incorporating some of this new wave of internet adoption into your own material?

As of March 31, 2012, you can see why LinkedIn has executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members. Now the latest report says they have 187,000,000 members and growing at something like 2 new members per second!

Sort of answers the why LinkedIn question for you, doesn’t it!

Why LinkedIn? – Fairly obvious isn’t it!

How is this new economy different from my more traditional 1951 born mindset? The difference is linear versus associative (joining up the dots) or networked thinking.

My older approach has tended to think in a linear manner.

If I do’ this,’ then this happens.

Then my intended results happen.

In other words, if I make 100 calls, then 10 will turn into appointments.” Or I send out 20,000 brochures then 1,000 will respond.

Again this refers to the traditional model for prospecting and sales.

That’s why LinkedIn causes you to change to Networked thinking, not to be confused with MLM Network Marketing, which this is not, offers value to the people you know and they know by you offering support in return for relevant profitable introductions.

This is perceived as no different to old school business practice except that when you partake in online networking there are a whole new set of rules to learn in a different economic climate.

Teachers and coaches are still, if not more essential.

Network thinking creates network circles, that’s why LinkedIn should be a priority for you.

I now understand that this new circular approach requires an understanding of “Network Circles”, where the circles are interconnected and rotate on their own whilst over lapping with other circles.

Information flows freely within and between these circles, which is a very powerful concept as evidenced by early adopters with the recent float of Facebook and the phenomenal success of Google in just 14 years.

Maximize Your LinkedIn profile

It is important that you have a strong LinkedIn profile because anybody searching for you online will see that profile in one of the search results.

Google your name and see where your LinkedIn profile comes, if you are not on LinkedIn your reputation is immediately damaged because it is the first place business professionals search.

LinkedIn is Facebook for the business world.

Starting with the end in mind it makes sense to update your LinkedIn profile now making it more personable, interactive and compelling with shareable content for your target audiences.

It should also reflect your high level of expertise and authority.

We suggest doing this by adding in video, pictures, brochures and documents you will no doubt already have.

That’s is also why LinkedIn profiles should be continually updated.

Continually updating your LinkedIn profile will help to glue together your entire web presence reflecting your internet prowess in the new “networked economy”.

Another powerful reason why LinkedIn new members can quickly catch up with those of us who have been around it for awhile now.

How is your LinkedIn profile best managed?

Why LinkedIn? Why LinkedIn? Social sales Sales Drive

Partnership and collaborate – You cannot do it all on your own.

That’s why LinkedIn connections on my network have been sought out, and now consult daily with my strategic partners who are all proven world ranked professionals at the top of their game on utilizing social media and the internet to successfully promote to their targeted audience.

It is becoming mandatory to have a highly specialized social sales coach/mentor/adviser – like us.

Let’s discuss this in detail as to how we can help you.

UK based Ivor Kellock is my partner and a leading expert on social media marketing and social sales- a real expert not a new market entry!

He really knows how to make this very complex subject look simple.

He has been using social media for 6+ years.

Ivor is the Steve Woznak of LinkedIn. Ivor has immediate access to almost 25% of the active LinkedIn community (29,500,000 business people). He also has his own radio show on Blog Talk Radio, is a regular contributor on BBC Radio and international TV shows whilst commenting in the press.

We also have the great fortune of having the LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff as a strategic social sales partner, mentor and speaker.

Lori has recently been given the accolade by Forbes as being in the top 25 most influential social media people on the planet and one of LinkedIn’s top 3 women.

Lori and Ivor form a dynamic social sales duo that covers the complete gambit. Lori also teams with her husband Mike who is the why LinkedIn Rock Star.

We can provide you with expert content so that you can deliver proven results, powerful factual experiences to incorporate if you are interested in strengthening and continually updating your material.

In other words everyone plays to their strengths for the maximum profit potential from social sales.

Team up with a marketing professional who can help you create a web and social media plan utilizing all the available tools: like Hootsuite or Hubspot to better manage all your online marketing accounts with a dashboard view.

This will save you lots of precious time, massive frustration, and dollars and provide useful metrics for sustainability.

It will also help fill your diary.

There is a plethora of other channels. This can be arranged for a consideration.

Attention is now the new marketing currency another major reason why LinkedIn is for you.

All those involved with our LinkedIn network are both individually and collectively the brand and that brand needs to be seen, not as the prospect thinking ‘’Yeah one day we must do that” brand, but rather “This is the brand that can solve our immediate problems and we need to deal with them right now, to heck with the cost”.

This requires emotional attachment and current thinking which requires skill in building the relationships with people in networked circles to ensure they come to paying events.

It is now the smart use of social media – posting primarily to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn. Then tracking conversations on these profiles and knowing exactly what to do which results in more business. “It’s all about relationships and that’s what we are now starting to rapidly build.”

The advantages and possibilities are endless.

Why LinkedIn – because it makes good, cost effective sense….

Connecting with existing contacts online is the start of the why LinkedIn process.

These contacts when treated well become a part of our virtual social networks and many will become our clients, advocates and eventually our commission earning affiliates as well.

The value of collectivizing online helps with getting found in the search engines and takes time to start working.

We monitor and keep control of this whilst still keeping the activity and enthusiasm levels high.

First we connect with a person we know personally which builds our relationship.

Then they invite their friends and connections and it snowballs into large groups we can sell to.

Time management.

It is also important to find the right balance of time spent on social media channels. You, cannot possibly be going about your daily business running your company and sitting on a laptop engaging all the time.

Some people quickly discover why LinkedIn and social media can become addictive and spend hour upon hour reading, posting, blogging and connecting.

We have people who will willingly do this for us on our terms and in our way. You will see why LinkedIn time should be scheduled as with all social media efforts your time must be appropriately based on results. This is a skill we bring to you.

To Maximize Your Social Sales profit potential. Why LinkedIn?



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