Put The Brakes On Lost Sales. Get Your Lost Sales Insurance.

Lost Sales!

Lost sales are very costly….very time consuming…. very frustrating aren’t they?

Time to stop losing out to your competitors.

Lost sales the bane of every CEO every CFO every VP Sales and so on right through the C-Suite.

Plus lost sales can be a small business owners or an entrepreneurs graveyard.

Time to put the brakes on Lost Sales

  • Stop missing out on sales….
  • Stop your clients leaving you & going elsewhere
  • get yourself some lost sales insurance cover

Are you really committed to your sales career & your future?

Good question…..

If you are then you may be interested to see a simple sales process that allows you to nurture potential clients.

Lost Sales Insurance cover for you if you like….

It means you will close them and not have them run away as Lost Sales do because someone who has sales contact with the prospective client has messed up the sales opportunity by not treating the client as a human being… a real person!

We believe that all prospects are people so we treat people the way people like to be treated, not as someone who is merely sales or lost sales.

Take care of them so they don’t simply end up in the lost sales file

We take care of them, give them something (there’s something here for you that you may enjoy it’s a FREE 30 minute audio plus written transcript of My 10 Top Sales Tips!)Lost Sales Insurance

First build relationships & use our systems to replicate & scale these relationships over many clients & provide you with sales processes that are:

Easy to implement + easy to understand + give immediate results.

We will provide you with sales tools to ensure lost sales are absolutely minimized.:

  • Eight phases of selling
  • Show you how to build your sales plan
  • You will discover where the big opportunities are right at your fingertips
  • You will know how to keep track of your process & progress by joining our private LinkedIn group
  • You’ll know where & how to improve your sales metrics
  • It will show you how to up sell the easiest profits
  • How to change the way you think about clients so that they change the way they think about you

You will learn how to dramatically increase your lifetime customer value and dramatically reduce your chances of ending up with more costly lost sales

  • Increase the frequency of purchasing & increase real value from each client
  • You will be able to identify where you are missing business right now & how to solve this
  • If you are losing referrals each month because you don’t ask for them – you’re losing – real cash each month
  • We help you understand your communication & learning style helping you learn more rapidly & communicate more effectively

You will see a simple process that allows you to nurture potential clients.

Right from attracting attention to capturing & nurturing clients to selling them at your margins & profits then satisfying them by underselling & over delivering with increased value & then have their referrals become your clients as well.

You will also discover:

  • How to really know your client:
  • How to identify them as a target
  • How to discover what the challenges are & how your service or product can help them reach their dreams
  • Polite, effective ways to find out what benefits they are really looking for
  • The changes that champions thrive on
  • How to overcome the challenge to change
  • How to overcome the anxiety of being in selling
  • How to avoid the mistakes that frustrate prospects & send them to buy from your competition
  • How to stop lost sales occurring

We will show you how to get them to buy from you & no one else

You will see how to make your offer attractive & how to get your clients how great pumping for your products or services.

You will know how to attract more clients & how to analyze your potential opportunities in turn those opportunities into money.

We will also show you how to capture leads, how to write compelling proposals combined with sexy attractive presentations.

You will discover how to make your business card obsolete.

You will know how to nurture prospects & discover why persistence pays off because most sales people give up too soon.

81% of all deals are sealed after the fifth contact with the client so you will learn to nurture, systems to follow up the prospect & increase your conversions by 30% to 60%

Do you know the real cost of your  lost sales?

One of our private clients says any lost sales costs them up to $7,000 a time. all cost of lead generating still applies to lost sales don’t they?

Forget complex – keep it simple salesperson, selling is easy when you know how.

You will see how to implement the correct sales cycle so you no longer need to rely on gut feeling & ideas that you will never implement

Turn your number one objective for sales with systematic focus & execution.

Close sales + WOW your clients + overcome confrontation = No More Costly Lost Sales

Then get more referrals than you can immediately handle.

Invest In Your Lost Sales Insurance TODAY!!!….


via Sales Drive http://www.salesdrive.com.au/put-the-brakes-on-lost-sales-get-your-lost-sales-insurance/

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