What do Americans think about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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Answer by Faye Wang:

I'm a Chinese American. In other issues, I'm an American first, and Chinese second. But on this issue, the issue regarding Imperial Japan and their war crime in WWII, I'm a Chinese first, American second. This is an issue I can't remain objective. I can't pull myself out of the petty rage and be emotionless about it. I can't take the moral high ground and say "it's a tragedy, innocent people died on both sides". I can't be the bigger person to forgive and forget. There's no moral high ground for me to stand on and feel good about myself. I don't feel good, as a Chinese, I'll never feel good about it.

What I feel about the bombs? I feel right, I feel justice is being done, I feel relieved, almost like a bitter triumph, they know what it feels like to face incredible horror and death, they know what what it feels like to face fear and desperation. To see it coming yet could do nothing, to see their countrymen die but can't do nothing. they know what it feels like to be helpless.

People often say, but what about the innocent children?

What about innocent children of China, Korea, South East Asia?

When justice is served, there'll always be collateral damage. So we put a murderer in jail, what about murderer's elderly mother? what about his wife and young children who are deprived of a husband and a father? What's their justice? Should we not punish the murderer because the punishment might cause damage to additional innocent people?

The Allies actually bomb the shit out of Germany. I'm sure there're many innocent German children died due to the bombing. and you know what? I feel bad for the Germans. I can put on my "humanitarian" hat and say: "that's just wrong! there's must be a better way!" I can even argue that "every life is sacred! regardless nationality". I can ask "do you really think killing the innocent is right? do you really think every single German is Nazi? if not, we shouldn't bomb them, regardless if such tactic would save people. I don't care, no children should be dead!"

Now I feel sick.

But of course, the bombs are not even about punishment. Because if we're talking about punishment, really get even, even Steven, like a square even… the bombs aren't enough. The bombs are about ending the war, it is about preventing more innocent people die in this global meat grinder. No matter how I see it, the bombs are justified.

What makes me really angry is the people who think the bombs are unjustified or morally wrong. It is a necessary evil, I can take that. Dropping a bomb and killing people, innocent or not, wasn't a good thing (despite how I feel about it). But it is morally right, for Chinese people and all those who suffered in the war, including some Americans.

I think people who point fingers do it out of a misplaced self-righteousness. It feels good to be the bigger person when it cost nothing for you to be "big" and "righteous". There's no pain, no nothing, just the pure euphoria of "I'm so forgiving and so objective and so beyond petty human feelings, I can see problems from different aspects and know there're victims everywhere, and I'm speaking for those victims! aren't I just totally awesome?"

No, you're not.

Is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki right? No it's not right, war is not right, death is not right. But it is fucking justice, it is what's needed, it saves more people (Japanese people included) than it kills.

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