THE social media networks for 2014

Great infographic – top social networks šŸ˜‰

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Networks areĀ changing

I just saw a great post fromĀ Jeremy WaiteĀ who is theĀ Head of Social Strategy @Adobe EMEA and there comes as well an interesting infographic with it.

Where is Germany in Social Media

Germany is set to overtake UK as the top social networking country in Western Europe by the end of 2014, research from eMarketer has predicted. The research suggests that there will be 33.9 million social network users in the UK, but Germany will lead with 35.4 million. The stats are expected to continue this way after 2017, when the UK is expected to have 36.7 million social media users.

It was also discovered that, in terms of Facebook, UK will still remain top in Western Europe: eMarketer claims that nearly 30 million UK residents will access Facebook each month this year, compared to 22.1 million users in Germany.

Germany to be top social networking country

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