zidisha – changing the world one loan at a time

Make an



In the world now!


Hi I’ve just been invited to & provided a $25 micro finance loan with zidisha

They provide the first $25 – all you have to do is register & choose which project to support….

There’s no catch! No cash to spend…

This is incredibly powerful if it works properly which is why I’m sharing this with you now

Sign up & choose a project – get involved – we can then track success & failure – if it doesn’t work – we walk away

If it does this model could come to the UK USA Europe Asia – anywhere in fact at a hyper local level – to support struggling communities – the dispossessed outside of mainstream life – giving them an opportunity to better themselves, their families & community

Wrinkles need to be ironed first – hence the invite!

Does it actually work? Lets share our experiences to innovate & support each other to find out

Plus you’re helping those that really need help – those that want to make a difference for themselves, their family, their village & their country

Think of the buzz you’ll feel when they’ve repaid the loan & you know you’ve helped jumpstart the life of a family – giving them income to school their kids, pay meds bills…….

Where’s the downside?? If they don’t repay – this is at zidisha’s expense – we learn

If it does………..

I’ve contacted the founder Julia Kurnia for an interview too – this isn’t just an invite to another network

I’m completely serious about this…….

In the name of transparency if you do get involved I get another $25 credit to lend on again – this is current practice for zidisha – it will be available to you once you come on board…….

Get involved here……

Enjoy  😉


PS please share you experience & story with me – this then benefits everyone – if we share publicly it also wakes up the vested interests of oppressors that we are finding our solutions……





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